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Muslim students are facing significant challenges on college campuses and many of them often struggle to practice or even hold on to their faith.


The Hadi Initiative aims to guide and empower Muslim students and to promote
a supportive and inclusive environment for them on college campuses.


Muslim students will use their faith as a source of guidance and inspiration to
meaningfully impact their communities, shepherd their families, and achieve excellence in their professions.

Our Focus

We believe that focusing on the following three areas of college life will lead to the supportive and inclusive environment we envision for Muslim college students.

Individual Development

  • Establishing chaplains on college campuses.
  • Developing a professional mentoring network.
  • Designing leadership conferences and programs for Muslim students.
  • Designing and sponsoring programs to create an inclusive environment for all Muslims.
  • Generating faith-based content and programs to guide Muslim students.

Community Engagement

  • Representing the needs of Muslim students on college campuses.
  • Offering grants to campus organizations to help promote a greater understanding of Islam.
  • Facilitating the dissemination of Islamic scholarly work to make it more accessible.

Campus Enrichment

  • Creating supportive college campuses that meet the needs of Muslim students (i.e providing prayer spaces, halal food, Ramadan accommodations, etc.).
  • Providing cultural and religious sensitivity training to college faculty and staff.
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