Muslim Chaplaincy

A Chaplain has the unique role of managing the intersection of a secular institution and the Muslim population. Chaplains provide Islamic counseling, education, programming, and outreach to both the Muslim community and the general community in which they practice.

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Religious Mentoring

  • Provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance
  • Identify and invite disengaged Muslims to participate in the Muslim community
  • Lead and assist in prayers/study circles
  • Support new converts
  • Teach the public about the Islamic tradition
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Public Liaison

  • Advocate for Muslim students
  • Provide campus resources as deemed appropriate
  • Advise school administration on Muslim beliefs and practices

Inter-sectional Efforts

  • Hold office hours to advise on religious, spiritual, personal, and academic issues
  • Support student community efforts
  • Work with other campus chaplains
  • Engage with fundraising initiatives